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by Andrew Dobbin
LGBT History Month
Learning Objectives:
LO1 - Learn to recognise their personal strengths and how this affects their self-confidence and self-esteem (KS3)
LO2 - Understand the characteristics of mental and emotional health and strategies for managing it; to manage growth and change as normal parts of growing up (puberty, and the emotional changes of adolescence) (KS3)
LO3 - Know about diversity in sexual attraction and developing sexuality, including sources of support and reassurance and how to access them (KS4)
LO4 - Recognise the role peers can play in supporting one another (KS4)
  • All of you will know what ‘being in the closet’ means. You will be able to describe the stages of the Coming Out process.
  • Most of you will empathise that Coming Out is a difficult and long process.
  • Some of you will understand the importance of peer group support to enable LGBT people to have high self-esteem. You can explain the difference between usual and normal.
‘in the closet’
Displacement Behaviour
Starter Activity
Circle Time
You have all just
‘Come Out’!
How would it feel to Come Out as something as important as being LGB or T?
The Coming Out Process
Everyone is different, but there are stages of Coming Out that people say they experience. How far do Peter’s statements support this idea?
The Coming Out Process
Am I LGB or T?
What is LGBT?
The Coming Out Process
Yes I am Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Trans
The Coming Out Process
Is anyone else LGBT?
The Coming Out Process
I’m happy to be LGB or T
The Coming Out Process
I’m happy for other people to know I’m LGB or T.
In the closet?
A Safe Space
What if your best friend comes out to you?
What should you do?
What if your best friend comes out to you?
What shouldn't you do?
"I am black. I am white. I am a woman and I am a man. I am gay and I am straight. I am a human being.”
Maya Angelou
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